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As a Profile describer this document deals with an upward business profile to offer a broad understanding of the company ROYAL STAR CRUSHER LLC,...
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To be the Premier organization locally and internationally by delivering innovative quality products tailored for the clientele in right quantities,...
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To lead UAE's renowned aggregate sector to future by deploying an optimal mix of world class technology, best-in-class equipment and competitive...
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ROYAL STAR CRUSHER LLC, formed in the year 2016, is a well-established and licensed Quarry mining and crusher unit at Fujairah in UAE. The quarry/ mine possessed by the company is well positioned to take the best advantages of the prime quality natural raw materials that are available in UAE. The facilities are well served by comprehensive road network with easy access to ports in Fujairah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and beyond. The said property has an abundant stack of granite which can be excavated for more than 100 years.
We have taken up the said property for 99 years lease from the corresponding Government agencies. The license provided by the Fujairah Municipality can be renewed 9 times consequently, on its completion of every 10 years. The environmental assets possessed by Royal Star Crusher is considered to be the best source of Gabbro Stones which acquire the highest specific gravity in the whole region that reaches from 2.93 – 3.00gn/cm3.
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Active Projects
Our Products

Our Major Products

Armor Rock
Armor Rock

0 -1000 KG

1 Ton to 3 Ton

3 Ton to 7 Ton

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Crushed Aggregate
Crushed Aggregate

5 -10 mm

to 10 -20 mm

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Manufactured Sand
Manufactured Sand

Washed Crushed

Road base Sub base

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Road base and sub base

Our Licenses

  • Fujairah municipality licenses
  • Environment clearance certifications
  • Pollution certifications
  • Health clearance licenses
  • Mining & Geology licenses
  • Explosives licenses

(Vital permits are from FUJAIRAH NATURAL RESOURCES CORPORATION, the pioneer licensing authority in the Emirate of Fujairah. Once the new upgrades are implemented, we also intend to obtain the required ISO certifications.)

Our Major Supply Orders

  • 300,000 MT of armour rocks/ aggregates to Kuwait, Qatar.
  • 200,000MT armour rocks/ aggregates to Bangladesh
  • 100,000MT of armour rocks to a crushing unit in Fujairah
  • A positive indication from construction giant ADANI Group in India to supply Armour rocks/is owned by the State Govt. of Kerala and the government officials there have undertaken a survey and feasibility study for procuring material from our Organization. As a result, the Government of Kerala has in spirits approved our quarry for their procurement of material, and we are awaiting to sign up a contract to start supplying armour rocks and aggregates for that project.

More enquiries are coming from Bangladesh and nearby crushers in Fujairah which can be better fulfilled once our capacity reaches 1,400TPH.

Production Capacity

Our Production Capacity - Present to Future

We presently possess a crushing capacity of 400TPH. We shall increase the same to 700TPH after installing an additional new 300TPH Cone crusher. Once we completely achieve the upgrades, we are even expecting to further enhance our capacity in double shifts to 1,400TPH. Thus we expect to move forward from present installed capacity per annum of more than 1.4 million metric tonnes to more than 2.6 million metric tonnes and further to more than 5.2 million metric tonnes in the near future.
Operational Capacity
1.4 million metric tonnes per annum to more than 2.6 million metric tonnes and further to more than 5.2 million metric to onnes in the near future
Sequential operation & quality output
We undertake a scientifically sequenced set of processes which are strictly screened and quality controlled at all niches to obtain the optimal output with the finest quality by equipping the Unit with the best-in-class internationally standardized machinery sourced from pioneers and valuable human assets, thereby ensuring the quality of our output .
Natural quarry & quality input
As a highlight, we possess a unique huge Mountain considered as the best source of gabbro stones which records the highest specific gravity in the whole area reaching from 2.93-3.00gn/cm3, thereby ensuring the quality of our input.
Weighing Bridge
We have a world class fully computerized weighing system to facilitate loading material precisely and efficiently. We utilize the latest technology which enables us to precisely control our stock and sales operation
Human resources
We possess presently the best in class work force of requisite numbers both directly and indirectly ranging from Mine/quarry/ plant managers to blast man, QA&QC staff and all the required personnel to manage and support the show. In order to achieve the capacity of 1,400TPH we expect to deploy more such experienced resources from all parts of the world as required.
Administration Office
We formaly started our full-fledged Office at 2016. As part of our standardization efforts, we have established well-organized offices at premium levels in this region so as to aid us to stream line and administer our whole set of operations smoothly and systematically by documenting each point of our operations in a professional manner to have easy traceable records for all processes.
Logistics Management
We have made our fleet strong with our own and contract leased 20cbm and 45cbm trailer trucks to make supply of products to any location within the UAE. Our dedicated team is there to assist the delivery chain for prompt and smooth fleet management to deliver the product without any hindrances


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